Fall 2022:

Whitewater Machine Works

Precision~crafted swiftwater boating equipment

Lots of exciting things going on around here this Fall/Winter:

  • Mini Tables!  36" counter height, widths to fit 16-24" bays. Lightweight aluminum folding leg assembly. 17lbs. for 18" table (fits 16" bay.)  $180
  • Creek style raft frames!  Aluminum, bent tube "Creek" style frames with slant boards,  tractor seat mounts or adjustable crossbar for cooler/box seat.  Custom made to fit your boat.
  • Sewn goods!  We will be offering sewn goods starting spring of 2023, check back to see what we've have to offer.
  • Stock Frames.  To help keep up with demand and shorten lead time, starting in 2023 we will be stocking some of our most popular frame models. Cat Frames and Mini-Raft Frames (Fits Mini-Max, Puma, Cub, Storm, Phat Cat etc.) This will offer quicker turnaround for customers who do not require specifically tailored dimensions. Custom builds will be available as always..

We're looking forward to providing you with the gear you need for the 2023 boating season and beyond!