Mini-Max with Mini-Table

Puma:  Room for Three and Man's Best Friend


  • Three Bay Cargo Frame:  $618
  • Two Bay:  $526
  • Day frame w/ Universal Seat Mount: $509

Deluxe Foot Bar

3 bay cargo frame for an Aire Puma.


From Day to Cargo Frame in Minutes.

Mini-Double Barrel Frame

MINI Raft Frames

Extremely lightweight, breakdown, modular day and gear frames specifically designed for those of us who love small boats.

Precision~crafted swiftwater boating equipment


12' Otter

  • Universal Seat Mount, Removable,  fits all seat types: $75
  • Extensions, Remove a bay using only two snap pins: $68
  • Additional Crossbar w/fittings: $84
  • Hard Anodize: $130-$165


Mini-D Frame on Puma

Super Puma

Whitewater Machine Works