• Universal Seat Mount, Removable,  fits all seat types: $75
  • Extensions, Remove a bay using only two snap pins: $68
  • Additional Crossbar w/fittings: $84
  • Hard Anodize: $130-$165


  • Three Bay Cargo Frame:  $618
  • Two Bay:  $526
  • Day frame w/ Universal Seat Mount: $509


Just like our Cat frames, the oar towers are completely adjustable and the bores are machined for o-rings allowing them to be greased.

Breaks down into a compact bundle.

3 bay cargo frame for an Aire Puma.

Bare weight of cargo frame is 23lbs.

Bare weight of day frame is 15lbs.

MINI Raft Frames

Extremely lightweight, breakdown, modular day and gear frames specifically designed for those of us who love small boats.

Precision~crafted swiftwater boating equipment

Whitewater Machine Works