Whitewater Machine Works

Double BarrelTM

Whitewater Machine Works is the original designer and manufacturer of CNC machined, double-rail frame fittings.

Double Barrel features:

  • Frame/cargo weight is transferred to raft/cat tubes by both longitudinal rails.
  • Tapped bolt holes in top of fittings for easy attachment of side decking.
  • Frames break down in minutes using snap pins without disrupting decking or frame layout.
  • Works with 1 1/4" Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe (~1.66" Outside Diameter, ~1.375" Inside Diameter.)
  • Great for DIY frame builders.

Fall 2020 : Gen2 fittings are now 8.5" between centers.  (Gen1 was 7".)

Pricing: Double BarrelTM  $74ea. 

(Call or Email to place an order.)

Double Barrel    Frame Fittings


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