Extension option, quickly change from day frame to gear frame.

Precision~crafted swiftwater boating equipment

CNC Machined Seat Bar is completely hollowed out on underside for weight savings.

Extension connection detail.

Cataraft frames

Our Cataraft frames are custom made to your specifications ensuring they will fit you, your tubes and your needs perfectly.


  • CNC machined proprietary connector fittings are used for all joints.
  • All structural components are 6061-T6511 aluminum for extreme strength.
  • Tubing ID is bored for a precision fit at all connections.
  • Oar towers are completely adjustable and can easily be tilted for stacking boats.
  • Oarlock bores have o-rings allowing them to be packed with grease.   This keeps water out, provides butter-smooth rowing action and eliminates annoying squeaks and frustrating stains on the tubes.
  • Break-down design assembles or disassembles in minutes using stainless steel snap pins.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Fully modular components. Add or remove cross-bars, extensions and yokes as needed.
  • Large front cage area makes re-entering after a swim easy, even for larger boaters.
  • Elegantly simple design minimizes foot entrapment points.
  • Hard anodize option for amazing abrasion resistance and durability.
  • All stainless steel hardware.
  • Ships economically via UPS/FedEx Ground.

Whitewater Machine Works

Breaks down very compactly.  Easy to fit in a compact car, small airplane or check as baggage on that exotic trip.